A cappella chorus inducts new member Scott inducted to Babs

Image to illustrate Scott Blance joining Malevox a cappella chorus

There is a tradition in a cappella choruses affiliated with the British Association of Barbershop Singers. That is to give new members a certificate. So we did just that.

We presented our newest member Scott Blance with his membership certificate in front of the other members. Therefore we proudly welcome Scott to the world of barbershop.

Scott joining as a lead singer has made Malevox a 20-strong a cappella chorus. He is an experienced singer in a cappella choruses. He works as an energy adviser now and he used to sing with his university chorus. Scott works hard behind a desk all day. So he says that singing helps him to relax.

Scott is on the right; on the left is our President, David Roper.

If you’d like to join us click here.

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